Why Fence?

Try something different!

Fencing provides an opportunity to develop your mental acuity and your physical dexterity. This makes fencing an excellent cross-training sport for many other athletic activities.  Fencing emphasizes proactive thinking, strategic development, explosive energy, and cardio endurance.  If you commit the time and focus, you will compete at regional and national levels.

Fencing is an impressive extra-curricular for college applications.  Many prominent colleges (including the Ivy League) have fencing teams and/or clubs.  Fencing provides significant scholarship opportunities compared to many other sports.

Most importantly, make new friends!  Fencers tend to be high-achievers in academics and careers.  Fencing encourages mental agility and logical thinking, which leads to success both on and off the fencing strip.  Not to mention, you get to hit people with swords.

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