Membership Benefits
Membership at Triple Threat Fencing Academy includes:
– Coaching and instruction from our three world-class coaches
– Access to our new, state-of-the-art training facility
– The option to compete as a member of T3 at USA Fencing competitions
– Access to a friendly, inclusive fencing community

Membership prices are per month (not per class). Ask about family discounts!

Standard Membership: $200 per month
Classes and tuition are based on skill level. Two classes per week are included in regular monthly tuition of $200. (For kids under 8 or special circumstances, email about classes and pricing.) Membership is required to attend Open Bout Sessions (fencers at intermediate level or above) or to take Private Lessons with the coaches.

Homeschool Membership: $140 per month
Our homeschool program is on Thursday mornings for $140/ per monthly session. Homeschool members at intermediate level (ask your coach!!!) and above are invited to Open Bout sessions. Homeschool members may take Private Lessons with the coaches.

Equipment: All fencers are encouraged to get their own gear as soon as possible. Beginner fencers may borrow gear for class for the first month. After a few weeks, Recreational AND Competitive Track Fencers should have their own gear. To move to intermediate classes, fencers must have all the gear as noted above. Intermediate Classes use the electric scoring equipment for bouting practice. Competition fencers should have full practice and electric gear. There is a charge for borrowing gear for extended periods. Email us if you have questions or special circumstances.

Please note class levels and equipment requirements: New fencers should focus on classes noted as the Foundational Classes. These classes cover fundamental fencing skills to build the foundation for more advanced classes and competition. Remember – Open Bout sessions are for self-sufficient (no coaching or assistance provided) intermediate & competition level fencers (personal gear, including sword and electric). If you’re not sure of your level, just ask your coach!

Long pants are required for all fencing classes for safety. NO SHORTS.