Fencing Gear & T3 Team Gear

The T3 Tricot Track Jacket and Jogger (team warm-ups) are required for competitors at the tournaments (at least if you want to take the podium and get your medal)!

Aside from that, there are great t-shirts (in both cotton and moisture-wicking materials), sweatshirts, and hoodies. Check it all out and order your T3 Club attire here:


We have equipment for new students to use for the first month or so. After that, fencers are expected to get their own basic gear for class. Competition fencers will need to have their own electric gear and tournament-required spares.

The chart below details basic fencing gear required for all weapons, and weapon-specific gear for all 3 weapons.

There are no brick and mortar fencing gear retailers in the Charlotte area. This means most fencers will need to order their gear online. Here’s a few sites we recommend: